What's New

Janet's most recent article—written with authors from Kenya, Malawi, Zimbabwe, the Georgetown University Center for Innovation in Global Health, and AVAC—analyzes trends and realities related to integrated HIV and sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services for adolescent girls and young women (AGYW).The article concludes that, as new HIV prevention products are introduced, demand for integrated HIV/SRH services is likely to grow. Investing in HIV/SRH integration can help to ensure sustainable, government-led responses to the HIV epidemic, streamline service delivery, and improve the health outcomes and lives of AGYW.

Janet's latest report examines the lessons from the first five years of PEPFAR's DREAMS partnership and explores what the next five-year approach might be. The report analyzes the evolution and impact of DREAMS, including the factors that have contributed to success or have constituted barriers. It also discusses implications for U.S. policy, focused on what DREAMS must do to redress the disruptions and costly damage imposed by Covid-19, further drive down HIV infections, and increase the health and agency of girls and young women more broadly.